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New Pet! Now What?

If you’ve just adopted a new animal friend, you’ll want to know just what steps to take to make your transition to living together as seamless as possible. Here are a few tips.

Weather Tips for Pet Owners

Different temperatures and weather patterns should be a signal to pet owners to be on the alert. Here are some of the most common weather tips to be aware of.

A Home for Every Pet

Humane Society Silicon Valley has created a multi-tiered approach consisting of five distinct initiatives as they work to eliminate the local homeless-pet problem. It’s a strategy every community can use.

Shelter Medicine: The Gold Standard in Shelter Care

Shelter medicine is a branch of veterinary medicine that caters specifically to homeless pets. It is a newer field of study for veterinarians that is changing the standard of care in the animal-welfare world.

The Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

From board meetings to company retreats, there are many ways the people in your organization come together, but few are as satisfying and morale building as volunteering.

Lessons in Compassion

Social and emotional learning through animal interactions contributes to a more compassionate community for people and animals alike.

Making Spay/Neuter Accessible to All

Low-cost and no-cost spay/neuter clinics have a huge impact on homeless pet populations, leading to fewer stray animals, less crowding at shelters, healthier animals and less financial and emotional strain on our communities.

How to Become a Pet Foster Parent

If you have been considering adopting a new pet and aren’t yet sure whether you or your family can make a long-term commitment, fostering is a great way to test the waters while also providing a crucial service to your local animal shelter.

Model Shelter: Leading the Way to Help Homeless Pets

HSSV is the first organization ever to meet the model shelter standard-of-care guidelines put forth by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians. Kurt discusses what is involved in becoming a model shelter and how HSSV is leading the way.
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